Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Back to Back

It is important to remember your back not only when you are training but all day long.

If you are about to pick something heavy check these three things.

1. Have you just jumped out of a chair? This is a bad time to lift. Take a couple minutes to walk and and warm up the spine. Make a reason to move before you lift.

2. Avoid twisting. If you are going to have to twist as you lift take a minute to move the item to make it an easier lift.

3. Do you exercise your spine? Planks, hip lifts, sitting on a exercise ball and good posture all day long will make for a stronger back in the long run.

That and get a doctor to look you over before you take on anything new in the exercise department. Drs come in handy now and again. Then get the to a professional trainer for proper technique and progressive training.