Thursday, 1 February 2007

Winter Weight, Don't Wait

Does weather affect your weight? The short answer is yes.

For most people cold weather keeps them in and they gain weight while they wait for the warm weather to show up.

Dr Gordon Giesbrcht of the University of Manitoba (a man who knows his cold) discovered during one of his expeditions over Lake Winnipeg that he and his team burned more calories in the cold conditions than what would have been expected on a warm day.

Go figure. The body trying to keep warm and expending even more energy in the same amount of time that you are out and about than any other time of year.

So thinking you can wait until the warm weather means that you are missing the best time of year to burn off the midriff.

Don't wait. Your health will thank you.

In health,


PS: Pass this on to anyone you think would benefit from this. We'll all be happier for it! ;-)