Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Paws N Boots Bootcamp is Running

Literally and literally. We've completed assessments and we are moving well into the fitness fun three nights a week for the last two weeks. Tonight will be a short cardio session followed by an educational resistance component.

The campers are having fun and keeping the jokes flowing. I'm having fun keeping up with their wit as they keep up with their fitness plans. They are soaking up the information and the camp includes a weekly handout on fitness, nutrition and healthy living.

The dogs have been running with their owners and splashing in the lake. Of course only if the owner lets them!

Wednesday night next week, Aug 29, is a free night for people to come out and see for themselves the fun you can have with your dogs and get your weekly fitness in. Don't miss your chance.

The next groups begin September 10th at a park near you. Contact me for more information.

In health,


PS: If you want to lose inches Bootcamps are a fun and certain way to achieve those goals, so act now to get yourself in line. There are only 10 spots in a group. Make sure you get your chance this September and get a huge jump on your New Year's Resolutions!


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