Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Psychology of Weight Loss

This is a topic that I speak at great length on with each client I have. It's not just about how you think about food but your everyday interactions. There are three major areas that affect your body's composition. Body, Mind and Motivation.

The Mind is heavily influenced by stress, that I have broken into three main components. Here they are:
1. Emotional
2. Psychological
3. Physiological

Oh, here is a can of worms just waiting to be opened. Today's business person, teacher, parent, construction worker (you name it) has stress coming at them from every direction. With a good skill set stress can be handled and kept in its place. But stress is an insidious influence on our health because it is not always readily noticed or detected. And the mixed blessing about our adaptability is that we slowly assume more and more stress and we think it is "normal" and that we are handling it.

From the ears up we may think we are handling it well but at some point too much is too much and our body's ability adapt and make sure that we can function collapses. Then we wonder why someone blows up on the highway or at a meeting.

Long story short, find ways to manage stress. Good rest, an activity program and a rational approach to your workload will go a long way to helping body composition remain healthy. Truely oversimplified but getting yourself professional assistance in one or all of teh previously mentioned three areas is the best way to learn the skills necessary to handle stress.

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