Monday, 15 October 2007

Tough as Nails

Mental toughness is not only for athletes and military types. The market is not even cornered by CEO types either.

When it comes to food and all the wonderous reasons we eat it is important to remember one very important thing.

Food is life.

You can't stop eating food. It's not like alcohol in that way. You can self medicate (negatively speaking in this instance) with food. You can control with food. But none of this is healthy.

So think about food. What is important about it to you? Do you need to eat more earlier in the day to avoid a binge later in the day? Do you need to eat more to gain your strength and energy back?

Be mindful of your eating and take a moment now and again to think about what you are eating and appreciate it.

Please, be mentally tough, breath and think about what you are doing with your food. Too much, not enough, imbalanced, hi energy-low quality. Realize your potential and take a stand with your food.

Eat healthfully and supportively.

If you need help contact a professional for guidance.

In health,



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