Thursday, 29 November 2007

Get your sleep, Grehlin

Next on the docket, grehlin.

This is a hormone that increases before you eat. It stimulates hunger.

Guess what one of it's greatest influencing factors would be.


I can not stress enough that you get enough sleep.

Decreased sleep results in an increase in grehlin production and a decrease in leptin, an appetite suppressor, among other things.

This increases appetite.

Can you see where this is going?

So pay attention to how much sleep you get. Get more of it. Make it good sleep. Not broken.

In health,


Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Making Lemonade

Today, I wandered into the Passport office. I'm getting mine so that I can travel the eastern seaboard for training and presenting.

Well long story short, once I got my ticket number I sat, and sat and sat. My letter was an F. All the A's, B's and C's are being called. 20 minutes turn into 35. I'm noticing but not really minding because I took a window seat with a spectacular view over the city of Halifax.

I notice the guy a row in front of me has an F-ticket as well. He wanders up to the reception area to ask the obvious. Was there a moratorium on the letter F (and apparently E's from the lady who chimed in behind me)? He was informed that they were about to try and figure that out.

By this point, if they were just now going to "figure it out" I was plenty out of time. I had a dinner date with my daughter. Can't miss that. So I crumpled up my ticket and walked out.

I think it is important to see things for what they are. I had no control over the tickets. I can come back.

What I did have was a spectacular front row seat to the city.

What are you seeing?

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New Years Success

Time is upon us. Time to put it together for a fine New Year.

What do you want to look like next summer?

Put a little push on it and you could look a little slimmer for the New Years Parties.

If that doesn't shake your tree then find something that will get you moving.

An anniversary, your health, your grandkids, kids, that mountain you always wanted to climb, or maybe a significant other.

What is going motivate you to ensure you feel better next year than you do right now?

Solve that and you are 80% done.

Oh, the other 20% will require some sweat equity, but you are worth it!

In health,


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Sunday, 11 November 2007

Weight Loss Starters

I just had a conversation and a couple things came to light.

If you want to lose weight, where do you start?

1. 5 meals a day. At the very least start by spreading out your food intake. Concentrating it at one time of the day is a recipe for disaster.

What I've run into for the most part is that most are too busy during the day and most of the food is ingested late in the day. This is not good.

First things first, get food in many times during the day in healthy portions. Then fine tune what you eat.

2. If I had a choice between resistance (weight) training or cardiovascular training, I would start with resistance.

The body becomes stronger.

The metabolism is boosted.

Weak joints or injuries get a more secure support structure before cardiovascular training starts.

I'm just saying. This is a really good way to get started.

There is so much more to do, I know, but if you can get these two building blocks under the belt, the rest will come much easier.

In health,


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Want a Big Brain

*Warning*- I'm about to geek out!

I've said this a million times. Exercise makes you smarter. Not just kinetically but semantically as well.

As it turns out, working on a specific task will make you better in that way for many years to come. Not bad.

But for global cognitive improvement, exercise is the key.

One example is how it reduces the potential of Alzheimer's down to a third of the general population if you begin exercising in midllife. 50% if 60 years old.

Imagine. Getting energized, losing weight, maintaining your health AND getting smarter. At the very least keeping sharp. That'll keep people from taking advantage of you as you age. A concern for a few people.

It increases the release of growth proteins that are reponsible for neuronal growth.

Blood flow to the hippocampus is doubled when exercising. This also is an area where neuronal growth occurs.

The region important for memory is sustained or growth occurs.

Shrinkage of the frontal lobe is halted! That's the bit responsible for high reasoning and decision making.

So take control of your body, your mind and for all intensive purposes, your future.

Go get fit!

Here is the article: NYTimes.

In health,



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Thursday, 8 November 2007

$3000 a year!

Did you know that the average person eats out 11 times in two weeks. Guess it was too confusing to say 5.5 times a week.

11 TIMES! Are you kidding me. Let's put it at a respectable $10 an outing. That is $55 a week and $2860 a year.

Now, if someone was to take nearly 3 thousand dollars a year and invest it in a gym membership and a personal trainer for 3 months to get some education on healthy activity and lifestyle, do you think we could put a huge dent in scales?

At a respectable weight loss rate of 1lb a week, that is 50lbs a year.

That would put a serious in the our collective girth.
I just have to figure out a way to get people to put their money somewhere other than their mouth? Rhetorically speaking, that is.

In health,



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