Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Making Lemonade

Today, I wandered into the Passport office. I'm getting mine so that I can travel the eastern seaboard for training and presenting.

Well long story short, once I got my ticket number I sat, and sat and sat. My letter was an F. All the A's, B's and C's are being called. 20 minutes turn into 35. I'm noticing but not really minding because I took a window seat with a spectacular view over the city of Halifax.

I notice the guy a row in front of me has an F-ticket as well. He wanders up to the reception area to ask the obvious. Was there a moratorium on the letter F (and apparently E's from the lady who chimed in behind me)? He was informed that they were about to try and figure that out.

By this point, if they were just now going to "figure it out" I was plenty out of time. I had a dinner date with my daughter. Can't miss that. So I crumpled up my ticket and walked out.

I think it is important to see things for what they are. I had no control over the tickets. I can come back.

What I did have was a spectacular front row seat to the city.

What are you seeing?

In health,


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