Sunday, 11 November 2007

Want a Big Brain

*Warning*- I'm about to geek out!

I've said this a million times. Exercise makes you smarter. Not just kinetically but semantically as well.

As it turns out, working on a specific task will make you better in that way for many years to come. Not bad.

But for global cognitive improvement, exercise is the key.

One example is how it reduces the potential of Alzheimer's down to a third of the general population if you begin exercising in midllife. 50% if 60 years old.

Imagine. Getting energized, losing weight, maintaining your health AND getting smarter. At the very least keeping sharp. That'll keep people from taking advantage of you as you age. A concern for a few people.

It increases the release of growth proteins that are reponsible for neuronal growth.

Blood flow to the hippocampus is doubled when exercising. This also is an area where neuronal growth occurs.

The region important for memory is sustained or growth occurs.

Shrinkage of the frontal lobe is halted! That's the bit responsible for high reasoning and decision making.

So take control of your body, your mind and for all intensive purposes, your future.

Go get fit!

Here is the article: NYTimes.

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