Sunday, 11 November 2007

Weight Loss Starters

I just had a conversation and a couple things came to light.

If you want to lose weight, where do you start?

1. 5 meals a day. At the very least start by spreading out your food intake. Concentrating it at one time of the day is a recipe for disaster.

What I've run into for the most part is that most are too busy during the day and most of the food is ingested late in the day. This is not good.

First things first, get food in many times during the day in healthy portions. Then fine tune what you eat.

2. If I had a choice between resistance (weight) training or cardiovascular training, I would start with resistance.

The body becomes stronger.

The metabolism is boosted.

Weak joints or injuries get a more secure support structure before cardiovascular training starts.

I'm just saying. This is a really good way to get started.

There is so much more to do, I know, but if you can get these two building blocks under the belt, the rest will come much easier.

In health,


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