Friday, 28 December 2007

Because it's the New Year!

Well am I tired. I've been celebrating Christmas, family and the
New Year that is about to show up and I am busted. My eating and
exerecise has taken a hit but they are not broken. I still try to
eat 6 times a day, keep the portions down (not easy when Nanny has
made her "special" ribs) and we are travelling all the time. I have
managed to continue to exercise, though not as long or as
vigorous as I would like. But a little is a far cry better than
none. It will also allow me to pick up my activity when I get back
as almost as strongly as I left it. I feel for everyone right now.

Now, for the fun stuff.

What did you look like last year? How different do you look
this year?

Now, how are you going to make the changes you want this year?

Start with dedicating yourself. Without dedication you're going
nowhere fast.

If you find that you have difficulty staying motivated it often is
because your goal didn't have any meaning. WHY do you want to be in
better shape? Remind yourself of this every day.

Avoid wishy washy statements like "because it's the new year". Make
strong statements like "I want it because my kids depend on me
being healthy and energetic!"

Get an index card and write it out clearly. Stick to the bathroom
mirror or the fridge door. Every day is teh next step on your
journey to better health and you nead to be steady and strong in
your dedication to this goal.

Happy New Year everyone and I am pushing for you to have a happy,
healthy and strong one.

In health,


Monday, 17 December 2007

3 Tips on How to Survive the Holidays

This is it. We are about to hit the busiest time of year for parties, dances, reunions, family gatherings and all around general fun.

So what is your strategy for making it through the season?

I have a few tips for everyone that will help keep you on pace to continue to lose weight this time of year.

1. You actually have to exercise a little restraint. Eat well, often but monitor portion sizes. It has been noted that green tea will help energize you and some almonds for a snack, with its extra fibre, will help keep the cravings under control. Fibre helps trigger the satiety reflex that tells you that food is not immediately needed.

2. Avoid the Cardio Crutch. Jumping on the treadmill for a couple hours after the big meal is not helpful. The body does not work that way. It does not reflect the on-calorie-in-one-calorie-out thought that some fitness gurus profess. You've got to believe me on this one. The year I spent consulting at an Eating Disorder Clinic made this abundantly clear. Be active, yes, but don't have it take over your fun and frolicing.

3. Fun and frolic. Let's not forget that taking the time to relax, blow off the stress that accompanies this time of year, is a good thing. We will be crammed into small spaces with a lot of people we haven't seen in a very long time. Sometimes for the better. So take advantage of the fun, relax and de-stress. Make this a priority.

4. And a fourth one you know all to well. Exercise. Take 10 to 15 minutes, each day, to keep your metabolism boosted. Get up 20 minutes early, take 3-4 minutes to wake up, exercise, then get ready for the day. Your body will react to the effort in this short period of time, especially if you have been a regularly active before this. Expecting a Christmas Miracle if this is the first time you've worked out this year is unrealistic.

Happy Holidays to all. Have a great one.

In health,


Thursday, 13 December 2007

Quittin' Time?

Don't you dare.

This is the season of parties and feasting. Don't let it derail you. There is actually a place for excess in a healthy life. It is a physical and mental reward for all your work.

The mind and body does not react well to restriction. It eventually shuts you down. So the odd reward will do well for keeping you on track in the long run.

Isn't that what it is all about? The long run. So don't let this short, yet food laden, season get you down.

Enjoy but stay focused and active. You've worked hard for it!

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Snow and Heart Attacks

It's that time of year. Here comes the snow. Break out the shovels. And a fresh rash of heart attacks clog the emergency rooms.

Now not everyone is ca candidate for a heart attack with the first shoveling, but how about those of you with a bad back? Strained shoulders? Poor flexibility? It might be icy, you know.

Pick any one of a number of latent physical ailments that an unscheduled bout of physical effort, like shoveling, can do to an unprepared body.

If you want to reduce the risk of injury, and a few of the things mentioned above, you need to invest in your health and fitness.

All year long!

A few minutes a day will go a long way to prepare you.

Yoga, martial arts, jogging, you pick it, just do what you like the whole year. Every year. Embrace the activity and enjoy moving.

So take solace that you are probably not the only one who may be needing a little activity and know that a little bit at a time and your body will get stronger.

Have a great day!

Monday, 3 December 2007

Qualified Clients?

Have you ever wondered why you are successful at some things and perhaps not so much at others? Well there are many factors that play in the success of a person's goals.

If the professional you are working with has taken the time to talk to you and ascertain your goals, interests, availability or other factors necessary in achieving your goals you are in business.

People learn if they qualify for my services when they talk to me. I don't hire just any client. They have to be interested, motivated and willing to put in the effort with the available time. I have fired clients because their schedules would not permit success of their goals. I don't want to be paid if I see the chances of success are minimal due to existing circumstances. I don't enjoy that.

This is about a healthy life change. No magic pills. So you can see how one may not qualify if they feel just having a Fitness Professional show up and the weight will fly off (if weight loss is what they are interested in). That would just end up reflecting poorly on everyone involved!

I want my clients to be successful.

So if someone wants to learn if they are qualified, in these ways, they just have to call. A few minutes on the phone, if they are honest with themselves or me, can start the ball rolling. Take this into consideration the next time you are speaking to a "professional"

I hope this has been helpful. Have a great day.

In health,