Friday, 28 December 2007

Because it's the New Year!

Well am I tired. I've been celebrating Christmas, family and the
New Year that is about to show up and I am busted. My eating and
exerecise has taken a hit but they are not broken. I still try to
eat 6 times a day, keep the portions down (not easy when Nanny has
made her "special" ribs) and we are travelling all the time. I have
managed to continue to exercise, though not as long or as
vigorous as I would like. But a little is a far cry better than
none. It will also allow me to pick up my activity when I get back
as almost as strongly as I left it. I feel for everyone right now.

Now, for the fun stuff.

What did you look like last year? How different do you look
this year?

Now, how are you going to make the changes you want this year?

Start with dedicating yourself. Without dedication you're going
nowhere fast.

If you find that you have difficulty staying motivated it often is
because your goal didn't have any meaning. WHY do you want to be in
better shape? Remind yourself of this every day.

Avoid wishy washy statements like "because it's the new year". Make
strong statements like "I want it because my kids depend on me
being healthy and energetic!"

Get an index card and write it out clearly. Stick to the bathroom
mirror or the fridge door. Every day is teh next step on your
journey to better health and you nead to be steady and strong in
your dedication to this goal.

Happy New Year everyone and I am pushing for you to have a happy,
healthy and strong one.

In health,