Monday, 3 December 2007

Qualified Clients?

Have you ever wondered why you are successful at some things and perhaps not so much at others? Well there are many factors that play in the success of a person's goals.

If the professional you are working with has taken the time to talk to you and ascertain your goals, interests, availability or other factors necessary in achieving your goals you are in business.

People learn if they qualify for my services when they talk to me. I don't hire just any client. They have to be interested, motivated and willing to put in the effort with the available time. I have fired clients because their schedules would not permit success of their goals. I don't want to be paid if I see the chances of success are minimal due to existing circumstances. I don't enjoy that.

This is about a healthy life change. No magic pills. So you can see how one may not qualify if they feel just having a Fitness Professional show up and the weight will fly off (if weight loss is what they are interested in). That would just end up reflecting poorly on everyone involved!

I want my clients to be successful.

So if someone wants to learn if they are qualified, in these ways, they just have to call. A few minutes on the phone, if they are honest with themselves or me, can start the ball rolling. Take this into consideration the next time you are speaking to a "professional"

I hope this has been helpful. Have a great day.

In health,