Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Snow and Heart Attacks

It's that time of year. Here comes the snow. Break out the shovels. And a fresh rash of heart attacks clog the emergency rooms.

Now not everyone is ca candidate for a heart attack with the first shoveling, but how about those of you with a bad back? Strained shoulders? Poor flexibility? It might be icy, you know.

Pick any one of a number of latent physical ailments that an unscheduled bout of physical effort, like shoveling, can do to an unprepared body.

If you want to reduce the risk of injury, and a few of the things mentioned above, you need to invest in your health and fitness.

All year long!

A few minutes a day will go a long way to prepare you.

Yoga, martial arts, jogging, you pick it, just do what you like the whole year. Every year. Embrace the activity and enjoy moving.

So take solace that you are probably not the only one who may be needing a little activity and know that a little bit at a time and your body will get stronger.

Have a great day!