Thursday, 31 January 2008

Greatest move ever?

There is one move that trumps all the others when it comes to full body strength, boosting metabolism, and cranking up the sweat.

A squatt.

When done properly this move is indispensable.

This move, when done out in the open, not strapped into a machine, neurologically triggers the quadriceps (front), hamstrings (back), and calves.

Get a professional to help you through the actual move and here is what they had better show you.

Keep your heels down. Don't let the knees travel out past the toes at any point in the squatt. Feel pressure on the outside edge of your foot. Contract your core by drawing the belly button towards the spine which will trigger the natural back "belt".

Now, this move stimulates stimulates muscle growth and at the very least, muscle retention. This is important to keep metabolisms high and burning energy, for those of you who are interested in weight loss.

For those interested in muscle gain, eat more and train this hard. for the same reason as above, studies show that it stimulates muscle growth throughout the body because it stimulates the release of growth hormones.

So, get thee to a squatt rack. If you have back concerns, start with bodyweight squatts and work on form and core strength. In no time at all you'll be impressing your friends and scaring the neighbors with your feats of strength!