Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Track It

Take a guess at what happens over and over again with the majority of my clients... It's ok, I'll wait.

They under-eat. Even after being coached on what a good supportive food plan looks like for their needs.

Why is it so difficult to get tem up to speed? Well, and I'm taking an educated guess at this, we as a society have been pounded over the head with messages about dieting and restrictive eating being the only way to lose weight.

I guess not too many people read the fine print.

Again, sure you lose weight, can't argue that. But is not healthy and difficult to keep off. This is an oversimplification. Generally, food intake must be supportive and activity must be a part of every day. Then a healthy weight for you is obtained. After that we can discuss aesthetics.

First things first though, get nutrition up to speed. Determine your caloric NEED not want (whoa, that's a whol other conversation). Then divvy it up. For athletes, 60% carb, 20%protein, 20% (healthy) fats is a great place to start.

So set off to look at what a healthy balance should be for you and then plan your week out so you don't fall off the wagon as soon as you get on!

Got it! No go get 'em!

In health,