Sunday, 21 September 2008

My New Passion


There is no risk to promoting Brian Grasso's Complete Athletic
Development so early in the life of my blog. I have not seen it's

Brian is a Canadian who has been transplanted south of the border.
He has been flown around the world to talk about his ground
breaking techniques in Athletic Development.

If you already know what I am talking about you can order the
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With testimonials like this you can see why he is so widely

"I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of learning how to best
develop athletic ability in young athletes. I have researched it,
applied it practically and now teach it to professionals worldwide.
The information offered in this collection is precisely what more
Trainers and Coaches need to hear."

Dr. Kwame Brown
Neuro-Scientist & Motor Skill Development Expert


"After reading Training Young Athletes - The Grasso Method by Brian
Grasso, there is no doubt who is leading the industry in youth
coaching. I have basically taken all my books on youth training and
put them in storage - The Grasso Method covers it all! I highly
encourage coaches and trainers of young athletes to make this book
your next purchase. You won't believe the difference it will make!"

Lee Taft
World Class Speed Coach

And here
is an mp3 audio testimonial from Richie Whall,Young Athlete Coach
from Cheshire, England.

Complete Athlete Development Home

You can see why I back it up as well. I've been following Brian's
work for over a year now and I can say I have never been led
astray. The information and his motivation is fantastic.

If you want to take your athletics to the next level, this is the
program for you!

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You will NOT be disappointed.

Who's looking out for you?

In health,


Complete Athlete Development Home