Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Slow down, you eat too fast!

Another peg in the French Paradox. They are big on wine and cheese
and yet have some of the longest living people on the planet.

But the majority eat socially. No big hurry. Taking the time to sit
with family and friends and relax during meal times.

This gives lots of time for the body to recognize the fullness of
the stomach at mealtime.

No cramming food in on a break.

No snarfing down donuts during a meeting.

No noshing on burgers in the car.

Here is a BBC article about a Japanese study on Obesity and the
speed of eating.

You've heard the old adage, chew 20 times before you swallow? Well
it looks like it has some scientific props now.

Should have listened to Mom!

So how rushed are you? Eating fast indicates a few things at

1. You are rushing, not taking time for yourself.

2. Stress levels will be higher, increasing weight gain.

3. You are probably not sitting down with friends and being social
(that one usually hurts the most, oddly enough)

So grab the family, sit them down for breakfast and talk and eat.
Take your time. With a little bit of planning it can happen.
Remember, put yourself first so everyone can benefit.

I'm personally going to be focusing on this over the next week.

Please try it out. What can it possibly hurt. You may even taste
your food for the first time in a while.