Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fitness Wheel

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel.

But I am interested in what you would liek to see in a fitness product. A DVD, CD, e-book, bootcamp.

You name it. I'm curious.

That being said, here is a suggestion for a min-workout. Something to get you moving. Boost your energy!

Burpees- 30 second
Speed Squatts - 30 seconds
Pushups - 8
Lunges -30 Seconds
Break 30 seconds

Repeat 4 times

This is all it takes, 3 times a week to convince your body that you mean business. In about 3 weeks come up with a new combination that is fun to do and just as energy intensive. OK?

Ok, remember. I would love to hear what your ideas are. Thanks for the feedback!

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

BlahDay Workout

It is an atrocious day out. It got me thinking.

What if you cant' go out to workout. Stuck in the house.

Here is a workout you could do at home.

Do these 4 things in a row.

1. As fast you are comfortable: your stairs in the house for 45 seconds
2. Pushups: however you do em, 12, s l o w
3. Lunges: 45 seconds
4. Supermans: 45 seconds (lay on your tummy and lift legs and elbows off the floor and hold)

Just getting started. a. check with your physician first before you start! b. Do this 2 times
Experienced, go for 5

This will wake you up, help you forget the blah day that is outside.

Make some notes about what you would like to do the next time it is nice out. Keep a smile on your face and envision the fun you'll have.

Where I am writing from it is foggy a lot more often than I would like. I need to be "up" and this helps.

Have a great day everyone!