Thursday, 16 April 2009

Fitness Wheel

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel.

But I am interested in what you would liek to see in a fitness product. A DVD, CD, e-book, bootcamp.

You name it. I'm curious.

That being said, here is a suggestion for a min-workout. Something to get you moving. Boost your energy!

Burpees- 30 second
Speed Squatts - 30 seconds
Pushups - 8
Lunges -30 Seconds
Break 30 seconds

Repeat 4 times

This is all it takes, 3 times a week to convince your body that you mean business. In about 3 weeks come up with a new combination that is fun to do and just as energy intensive. OK?

Ok, remember. I would love to hear what your ideas are. Thanks for the feedback!