Friday, 24 July 2009

More than just you here!

You can spot a "gym rat" a mile away.

Strong? yes

Un-coordinated? yes

Is this what we want our kids to become?

As a studier of the human body and movement I find it insulting to the possibilities of the body. We can do so much more.

Shoving a kid into a weight room does a disservice to the learning potential of young body and .

Machines isolate but the world does not. It demands all the muscles working in unison. We have critical periods for development. None of which involve going to the gym at 6 years of age (or even 14 for that matter). Non of which involve playing a single sport 11 months of the year. Non of which involve coaching the same movement over and over again.

Play, have fun and try different things. Go have fun. Some serious fun. Play hard and smart. Get a coach who is looking out for your best interest and not the "W". Those will come.

Oh, by the way, injuries for kids working out in the gym are the same as kids out in the wild. No difference. Go ahead, look up the statistics of both. So unless you plan on bubble wrapping them, let them run, jump, push, pull, play as long as they want to.