Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Physical Intelligence

Physical intelligence...

Like the mind, if you park it you can plan on some serious atrophy kicking in.

Keep moving.

Take it from one who knows. I went from very active to an unplanned corporate gig that added stress, wonky hours, and poor eating times for a decade.

Two guesses how my first run went once I realized I needed to get more active.

I had always been active, or so I thought. In reality there was about an 8 year gap in there.

Let's just say that when someone says they used to be very active or that they used to be an athlete I shift gears and approach them in a slightly different way than Joe or Jane. There is an ego to be handled as well as a physical component. The reintroduction of activity to a body that has a history, a memory of what it used to be able to do. And it will get frustrated with itself when it can't achieve the high water marks it was used to.

It's like cracking open your grade 11 math book, and you know you knew this. But you sure wouldn't want to write a test at that moment. Some practice would be in order.

But the upside, of course, is that it won't take any time at all to get back to where you were. You are not doomed. It takes time and patience, but a high level of fitness is achievable. Mental and physical.

So have at it you retired fitness fanatics. Just be smart. Use the wisdom of your years and the patience you have gained to make gains again. Oh, you know I am leaving that sentence there just to bother the grammar police.

Have a wonderful day all!

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