Monday, 19 September 2011

The Time Has Come - Post Apocolyptic Rantings

Hello all,

In case you haven't noticed, I've been off the grid for a while. Big changes around here. And I wanted to let you know I am back with only a few dents in the armor.

Since change is natural, and inevitable in this business, it was only a matter of time my turn was up. I've been in the fitness biz for a while. I experienced a bit of floundering but with time and experience came new and different choices and opportunities.

This blog is where I will be detailing these changes and the new direction. So, on the topic of keeping up with the goings-on around here, if you haven't subscribed already, You can follow along with one of my accounts.

I have been updating my Twitter account, Facebook account, LinkedIn account and Google Buzz. I use Seesmic, a program that updates them all in one fell swoop.

Go to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz and type in my name. Find me and join or follow me. There will be (almost) daily updates there!

And here is where I will be able to dive deeper into topics, rant on the bizarre goings on in the fitness world, regale you with tales from my own business and training, and blow your mind with my terrible spelling.

Let's do this!

BTW: you can subscribe to this blog as well. RSS feed it if you know what I am saying. Thanks to everyone who waited. This is going to be fun.